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Turn on credit card processing in QuickBooks.

Accept credit cards and update your accounting records in just one step.

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Expand the power of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Accept credit cards and get paid right in QuickBooks.

Spend less time managing your credit card processing.
Eliminate time spent on double data entry and reconciling payments to sales forms. QuickBooks automatically updates your accounting records as you process payments. See how it works

No terminal fees.
Use QuickBooks as your virtual terminal. No access fees - take payments on the sales receipt form in QuickBooks.

We don’t lock you in.
Try it risk free! Cancel anytime with no penalty. Seasonal businesses can save money by pausing the service.

Increase efficiency at a great rate.
1.69% is our lowest rate, but that’s not the full picture. Managing the paperwork that comes with merchant services takes time. Consider what your time is worth when comparing rates. See our rates and fees

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