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Retail businesses can save time and work smarter with QuickBooks Enterprise.

Easy pricing management.Customize and automate your pricing with the Advanced Pricing Add-On.1 Create thousands of sophisticated price rules such as quantity discounts and scheduled promotions, and manage those rules with great flexibility.

Integrated inventory management.No more complicated workarounds. The Advanced Inventory Add-On2 lets you seamlessly manage inventory, including bar-code scanning3 and serial or lot number tracking.

Superior data crunching.Are your item, customer, and vendor lists growing? QuickBooks Enterprise handles supersized data files with ease. And, you can work in two company files at once.4

Technical expertise not required.You don’t have to be a software expert to make QuickBooks Enterprise run smoothly for you. Our subscription includes access to Canadian-based product experts to help you all along the way.5

Special features for Retail

Accounting systems for retailers must keep track of sales, inventory, and customer information. The special features of the retail edition help keep these moving parts all straight.

Sales Summary Form

Track sales results accurately with the Sales Summary Form.

Custom Price Levels Feature

Create up to 750 price levels for any item, or create custom price levels.

Retail Chart of Accounts

Organize your information the way you need to see it. Accounts and settings you need. Customize at any time.

Key reports

The Retail edition functionality includes key reports made with your business in mind, so you can easily track critical elements of your retail business. Key reports include:

Gross Margin by Inventory Item

See gross margin by inventory item (if you company records each sales transaction.)

Monthly Sales by Customer

Determine your best customers and their sales activity over the last fiscal year.

Purchase Volume by Vendor

Track vendors from which you purchase the most goods.

Sales Graph

See your sales by month and which items, customers or sales reps bring in the most income.

Vendor Returns Detail

See which goods are most commonly returned to each vendor.